Re: [Usability] Making combo boxes more keyboard friendly

On 1 Jan 2012, at 11:25, Bill Cox wrote:

> Combo boxes in Gnome are difficult to navigate by keyboard.  There's a
> simple bug report about it here:
> I've always found this issue a minor inconvenience, but for blind
> users using Orca, it's a much bigger deal, since they cannot grab the
> scroll bar on a combo box and quickly find the item they want, and
> instead have to arrow down through the whole list.
> Is there any chance keyboard navigation of combo boxes could be improved?

This behaviour was actually recommended in one of the many gtk keynav bug reports I filed back in 2001: <>

Tis a little disappointing that it still hasn't been fixed over a decade later, especially as (or perhaps because) the bug was marked resolved/fixed...

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