[Usability] Handling documents and files


Say I've a file/document opened in one application, I edit it and I save it somewhere.

Now say I want to:
a) email it to someone
b) edit it with a different program (not necessarily the default program associated with it)
c) copy/move it somewhere else

Seems for many GUIs I often have to go through the process of looking for the file again before being able to do a), b) or c).

I can't quickly specify/pass to a different application "this file" I'm working on, or "the file I just saved", or the URL/path to that file, or even copy the URL/path of the file to the clipboard (so that I can paste it to "open" dialog or a file location bar).

Some applications of course support a "send as email" in their file menu, but this is not a standard across all apps.

Some applications trigger the "Recent Documents" but not all of them.

Shouldn't the GUI be able to know the path of "Documents" that have been opened/saved/renamed by the application (at least those opened/saved/renamed by the standard methods - e.g. standard "Open"/"Save As" Dialog, or "launched" by the GUI)?

What is the recommended GNOME way of doing this quickly?



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