[Usability] HIG 3.x Meeting

Hi all,

As the other Allan has mentioned, we're in the process of organising a
brief meeting to discuss the new version of the HIG. Topics to be
covered include:

* Structure: should it be YAPL (Yet Another Pattern Library), a mix of a
pattern approach and something else, or just something else entirely?

* Format: how do we store this document? Possibilities include DocBook,
the wiki, a CMS, or Mallard.

* Content: which patterns do we want to prioritise? What needs to be
written first?

The meeting will hopefully be some time next week. Please inform me of
your availability if you would like to attend - I'll try and find a time
that suits everyone (I'll get back to the list with the details when
it's all decided).

If you don't think you'll be able to attend a meeting but have comments
or thoughts to contribute, please post them to the list.

Blog: http://afaikblog.wordpress.com/
IRC: aday on irc.gnome.org

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