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On 21.03.2010, at 23:41, Jan-Christoph Borchardt wrote:

> There seems to be a real need for a FLOSS alternative to Dropbox in
> both GNOME and KDE. Google Summer of Code is approaching and both DEs
> have a collaboration tool on their list.
> GNOME has ideas for the front-end:
> (Collaboration server/client)
> KDE focuses more on the back-end:
> To have a DE-independent alternative to Dropbox (and Ubuntu One for
> that matter …), wouldn’t it be great to collaborate on that project? I
> didn’t know if either idea knew about the other, so here’s the update.
> :)

Collaboration is always good. 
Please note that ownCloud is much more than just a DropBox replacement.

We already have a KDE frontend for the syncing client for KDE GSoC planed.
It would be fantastic if somebody from GNOME would write the GNOME frontend

It would be great if we could make this a shared KDE/GNOME project.


Frank Karlitschek
karlitschek kde org

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