Re: [Usability] Desktop usability issues: some comments from the country of bears, vodka and ISO8859-5

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Sergey
Udaltsov<sergey udaltsov gmail com> wrote:
> 3. Open/Save dialogs
> The dialogs are platform-specific, it is a well-known fact. It would
> not be technically difficult to provide the selection mechanism -
> allowing user to choose the dialog variant he likes best. It can be
> done using DBUS calls. Once this interface is standardized, the
> dialogs could be implemented using FLTK, openmotif, ...

I think the first step (and requirement for switchable dialogs) would
be driving everything with a standard VFS engine. That would to a
certain degree structurally align what appears in the dialogs, which
IMHO is the most important thing for usability in the first place.

> There is one closely related issue - the bookmarking mechanism, used
> in these dialogs, should be standardized as well.

There actually is a spec for this and I implemented it for KDE. It
just hasen't been implemented by GTK yet. AFAIK the problem is the
lack of an appropriate XML parser in the stack below GTK and GLIB

> The most serious issues to address: [...], no standard VFS used by all DEs,

I believe that's - realistically - only solvable by picking one of the
existing VFS implementations as a standard, and wrapping the other
around it. For me it's quite obvious how things would fit together.
The necessary adjustments don't seem to be technically difficult / or
are already beeing worked on (like standardizing password storage).
Getting there is more a matter of the important people saying "let's
bite the bullet and just do it!".



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