Re: [Usability] Ideas for Usability Hackfest

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 17:36 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> A few weeks ago I was asked to help with planning a GNOME Usability
> hackfest.  There is a lot of interest in having the GNOME Foundation
> be more involved doing usability studies and testing.
> I have had some discussion with people involved with GNOME Usability
> and the following ideas came up as being interesting.  I think a
> hackfest that runs from 3-5 days could be long enough to make progress
> in perhaps a few different areas.  For example:

> - Next revision of the GNOME HIG
>    The HIG is still in draft form, and does not discuss newer
>    technologies such as clutter at all.  The HIG needs some real
>    attention to ensure it continues to be helpful with GNOME 3.0.

If there's a HIG planning session, I'd like to join in.


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