[Usability] Reviewing users-admin's new UI

Hi all!

So I've finally managed to merge the new GUI of users-admin (from the
gnome-system-tools) to master, and it should be included in GNOME
2.29.3. That's basically a complete reorganization of the different
settings one can tweak about user accounts, plus a few nice features
that make up something (I think) really easier to use. The design comes
from a proposal by Matthias Clasen and William Jon McCann for Fedora
[1], adapted to what users-admin is able to do ATM (more features will
hopefully come later).

As we all know people who wrote the code are not the best placed to
judge how good is the UI that results, I'd be very happy to get any
comments from you. Keep in mind that it's still a work in progress, but
I guess it's time to fix many problems that I can't spot, being an
occidental user, mostly working with a mouse pointer, used to Unix users
jargon, not using a magnifier, and lacking time and skills to check
everything. I'd especially appreciate suggestions for better strings,
since I'm not a native English speaker.

(I know not everybody in GNOME uses the gnome-system-tools, thus I don't
expect people from these distributions to bother about them.)

Thanks in advance !

1: http://people.redhat.com/mclasen/user-account3.pdf.bz2

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