Re: [Usability] A New Start Menu Design, which resemble windows N05/2962581547/in/set-72157608249326794/

there is "@" between "31611994" and  "N05", I don't know why it wasn't there in the mailing list.

2008/10/22 Long Gao <imgaolong gmail com>
The original Gnome start menu have three menu items, and I always found myself puzzled of thinking which menu to click when I want to do something. I thought it not so convenient as windows start menu.

Here I have implemented a new start menu by modifying gnome-panel source. It uses gtk-image-menu-item widget, and is in fact a new window. It has all the gnome menu functions, except that the menu items are rearranged.  I upload some screenshots of it, and I want to know whether you would like it.

screenshots of the new start menu N05/2962581547/in/set-72157608249326794/ N05/2962581551/in/set-72157608249326794/

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