Re: [Usability] Query Drag - right instead of middle Click

Am Donnerstag, den 24.07.2008, 15:01 +0100 schrieb Calum Benson:
> On 24 Jul 2008, at 14:09, Andy Owen wrote:
> > In the HIG there is a section on the Query Drag:
> >
> >
> > I'm proposing that we change it to a right button drag.
> That's what it always used to be, but then Nautilus decided to do it  
> differently (I forget why) and everyone followed suit...

I read through the old Nautilus ChangeLogs, and found an entry back in

2002-11-28  Alexander Larsson  <alexl redhat com>
        * libnautilus-private/nautilus-icon-container.c:
        query-drag with middle button. Open context menus faster.
        Patch by Marco Pesenti Gritti.

The gist of the associated bug report [1] (quotation by Alex Larsson):

“For two-button mice Alt-drag is already availible. Query-dragging is a
seldom used feature that should not impede on usage of the context

best regards,
 Christian Neumair


Christian Neumair <cneumair gnome org>

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