Re: [Usability] A virtual terminal inside GNOME session

Pedro de Medeiros wrote:
> Hello, usability team.
> I believe better integration with traditional Unix Tools is a good
> path for GNOME in general. A simple way of achieving this would
> be, I guess, to allow Unix tools that interact through terminals
> like write, talk and shutdown to interface directly with GNOME.
> So what about "hiding" a virtual terminal inside GNOME session
> to listen to users and system requests that are sent directly to
> terminals?
> Some mock-ups to make my point, then. The result of a write(1)
> message sent to another user:

You are thinking about something like gxconsole Yes, it would be nice to
have such utility in core GNOME desktop, otherwise halt / reboot / dying
disc messages go to /dev/null.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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