Re: [Usability] Copy/double click feedback

On Sep 24, 2007, at 6:19 AM, lorenzo wrote:
The first one concerns the copy operation. This operation provides no
feedback at all to user. You cannot know if you pressed correctly the keyboard shortcut, if the object can be copied and so on.

One way to fix this would be for copied items to visibly fly into a clipboard applet in the panel, in the same way as minimized windows fly into their button in the window list. The same effect would work for cut items, with the difference that the original would disappear.

The second one is about double click.
You cannot know if you did the two clicks or a double-click. If you
are too slow you just stay there staring at the selected icon. This is
sometime a problem for non-expert users.

A tipical scenario is application launch from desktop icon: you cannot
know if the app is starting so the app has to provide a splash screen
to give feedback to the user when the real problem is the double click
operation (a splash screen is of course useful for very long

For opening documents or applications, double-click was originally intended only as a shortcut for selecting the item and then choosing "File" > "Open", but the shortcut quickly became the most well-known interface. (The infamous action of dragging disks to the Trash is another example of something that was originally intended only as a shortcut.)

One way of providing feedback would be to animate the icon that was double-clicked on. Denis Washington has recently implemented this for gnome-panel <>, but there's no reason it shouldn't work for Nautilus too.

Matthew Paul Thomas

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