[Usability] an idea for a better desktop search

this is a collection of features, that would make gnome's search much
more robust:
* search man pages, package descriptions, and possibly a user-driven
online database in a google-like way, so that the search results will
be ordered by relevance and show which programs you currently have
installed to accomplish the task you search for.
for example:
if i search for "create new partition", the top results would be
parted, gparted etc.. and there should be an expand button, to see a
detailed description, and mark the places where words match the

it can even offer sites for applications which aren't installed yet,
and seem to match the wanted action.

* search results should be rated, so that there is a map between the
search argument, the result, and it's rating, so that you could offer
a better relevancy meter, much like "stumble upon" (firefox's plugin).

* make restore points of selected directories (user defined, and maybe
some OS specific defaults, which every OS should take care of itself.)
using rdiff (http://www.nongnu.org/rdiff-backup/) or some similar
include the files from these restore points in search results, so that
if you delete a file and then search for it, you'd see it was deleted,
and would be offered a preview from each restore point and after you
select which version of the file youre interested in, you could
restore it.

you could even look for text that had been replaced in a file, and
find the original file, and even have the ability to save it as a new
file, and not just restore it - so you don't mess the new data you got
in that file.

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