Re: [Usability] GtkEntry with units

On 1/22/07, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt myrealbox com> wrote:


> That should of course not be an excuse whatsoever, just some support
> for the argument that widget size cannot always easily be constrained.
> ...

Setting the width of controls is one of the few things that *is* easy
in Glade.

Sure, what I was referring to is that it's not always easy
constraining the size of a single widget, especially when it has to be
aligned with ones that have to take longer strings (and still keep an
overall balanced dialog layout).

Anyways, thanks for your feedback so far. Maybe I've not been
communicating my initial idea good enough. Please take a look at the
mockup below, the bottom example using a GtkEntryCompletion is how I
was tentatively intending to resolve this issue:

The other examples have just been added to contrast how somewhat
awkward and clunky the separate units entry looks and how much easier
the single-entry solution can be read.


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