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Phil Bull wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Here's a link to a screenshot of the 1.x MIME-type capplet [1] and some
> of the old bugs filed about it [2].
> You say that this will potentially be useful for everyone - what use
> cases do you envisage that couldn't be achieved (easily) with the
> existing system? The first two of the use cases on the LP spec [3] are
> easy to do with the current system, I'd say.

I would say that at the moment If you wanted to change alot of different
file types to one program (say an audio program asked if you wanted to
open all audio files in it, and you clicked okay by accident) at once.

The current mock-up isn't ideal for that I know (and it has many other
bad points), but it can be worked on depending on what everyone thinks
is best.

> Thanks,
> Phil
> [1] -

This looks daunting to me, and I wouldn't describe myself as new linux
user. The principle would be the same but hopefully the UI would be more
 intuitive to use.

> [2] -

It seems that mosted of these bugs were fixed, and even the one's that
weren't don't seem to be about the concept, more the implementation. Now
with hindsight we can start with a new sheet and make sure we get it right.

> [3] -

Thanks for the comments and links,


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