Re: [Usability] moving or copying when drag'n'dropping

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 11:09:47AM -0600, Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> Hello, I'm paranoid about dragging files, because I never know what to
> expect. For example:

What I'm sure of is that dragging between places that are on 
different filesystem copies. The default when staying on one  
filesystem is moving.

>From a project I'm working on:
Placing files in directories implicates storage location,
tying physical to logical storage. Dragging a file
via a file manager usually moves the file, except if
the destination is on another partition, in which case
it will be copied. Same action, different result.
I propose to treat storage location(s) as an attribute.
(other attributes would be used for categorisation, dates and so on ...).

Having lists of storage locations would allow to mirror 
specific files. If a file has been backed up on removable media,  
that would be another storage location. Things would become really 
interesting with remote storage locations and versioning.
There are many open questions, so that's all for now :)

> I just drug files from an archive in whatever program Gnome uses onto
> a network place. The dialog said "moving files..." which worried me.
> Fortunately, it only copied them.

If it says moving but copies, that's a specific bug to be reported.

> Things could be better if there is:
> a: standardization on what happens when you drag'n'drop
> b: communication or indication of what is going to happen when you
> drop (i.e. Windows shows an emblem indicating if the operation will
> copy, move or create a shortcut)
> c: a standard and intuitive way to affect the default drag'n'drop action.

Hmm. There are different mouse cursor for moving and copying. 
Nautilus uses them, perhaps some apps don't, what I would consider 
a bug?

> I'd also like to be able to control wither or not files get moved or
> copied. In XP you can drag with the right mouse button, and when
> dropping, get a choice to move, copy or create a shortcut. This suits
> me just fine, because the computer rarely knows what my intentions
> are. (i.e. duplicating an image file, moving files to a network share)

You can force a copy where a file would be moved otherwise by 
holding down Ctrl.

Thorsten Wilms

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