Re: [Usability] NetworkManager Applet, disabled networking

On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 22:39 -0400, Jacob Beauregard wrote:
> Would you consider this a design bug?
> Pre: networking disabled
> When you left-click on the network manager icon, it will say "networking 
> disabled." However, it will give you no option to change it.
> When you right-click on the network manager icon, it will give you that 
> option.
> Instead of having a faded "networking disabled" message, giving the 
> option to "enable networking" would imply that networking is disabled. 
> It would also be more preferable for anyone who wants to enable their 
> networking.
> What does everyone feel about this?

Well, the gist of the (preliminary) guidelines in the HIG for
notification icons is that left-click should open a related window
(typically a configuration or more detailed status window, if the icon
as an ever-present in the notification area), and right-click should pop
up a context menu.

So it does sound like the current behaviour is a bit of a law unto
itself, but as I don't use NM I can't suggest a better solution off the
top of my head...


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