Re: [Usability] Bug: Applications appearing on other desktops than started

> >> Hynek Hanke wrote:
> >>> I'm using 4 virtual desktops (if this is not the correct term, please
> >>> let  me know) in my Gnome 2.14. When I start an application in one
> >>> desktop, it takes some time to start the application and in the
> >>> meantime, I switch to another desktop, the application will start
> >>> on that different desktop and I have to manually move it back.
> >>> [...]
> Agreed. Combined with startup notification mechanism, Hynek's proposal 
> certainly makes sense. And it's not a feature of an application, it should 
> be a feature of gnome-session, I believe.


thanks for your and Martins help. Please apologize my very late
reply. I too believe this is not a thing that should be dealt with
by the applications themselves. Reasons are:
	- most applications to date do it wrong
	- I'm running also many non-Gnome applications and still
	I expect the correct behavior

Do you please know if there has been some progress on the issue?

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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