Re: [Usability] Selection vs. selected text

--- Yevgen Muntyan <muntyan tamu edu> wrote:

> Shaun McCance wrote:
> > Honestly, this behavior is viciously annoying.  I
> do use
> > PRIMARY a lot, and I usually smack people whenever
> they
> > advocate dropping it. 

> Well, folks on gtk-devel-list seem to have different
> opinion
> about this ;) This is why I am proposing an option,
> not
> unconditional changing of GTK behaviour.

If it's only an optionm then it should be the default.

The current situation breaks the desktop.
Each application is meant to be its own separate
When the user switches from Gedit to Ephiphany, Gedit
should stay exactly as it is until the user returns to
it. An action in Epiphany should not change something
in Gedit.

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