Re: [Usability] The use of ellipsis (...) in menus

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 22:01 +0100, Sergej Kotliar wrote:
> * Define more clearly exactly when they should be used, and file bugs
> for each app and occasion of wrongful use. This will probably result in
> quite a lot of bugs

The definition is quite clear and is in the HIG:

      * Label the menu item with a trailing ellipsis ("...") only if the
        command requires further input from the user before it can be
        performed. Do not add an ellipsis to items that only present a
        confirmation dialog (such as Delete), or that do not require
        further input (such as Properties, Preferences or About).

The correct thing to do would be to go through the applications and
ensure that the ellipsis usage is correct, and file bugs where it isn't.
It would be nice to replace ... with the relevant Unicode glyph though.

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