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On 1/13/06, Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com> wrote:
Alan Horkan wrote:

> I'd much prefer if we could have
> ~/Documents/
>     /Templates/
>     /Pictures/
>     /Videos/
>     ...
>     ...
>     ...
>     (keep it simple first, but if you wanted more later
>     we could also have folders like:
>      /Web Pages/
>      /Spreadsheets/
>      /Slideshows/
>      etc.)

This is not a good idea to have such folders, imho. I keep photos and
musics on a specialized directory because of the way I use it (image
manager, rhythmbox) but I doubt you would do that for every type of
documents. That would be unproductive and redundant with the file type
which already allow you to find a file given its type.

Such a setup would only work it were abstracted by say a search tool that did the work of a file manager. It actually becomes more interesting when a user is saving files and the save-dialog doesn't have all that file-system crap in it. It would only have a space for file name, maybe file type and a save button. When the user hits save, the file is actually stored in one of the folders depending on the application so when the search-tool-file-manager is told to show office documents, it searches here first.


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