Re: [Usability] The future of gup in developer and bugzilla

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 18:44 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> En/na Calum Benson ha escrit:
> >  Can you summarise the discussion again? :/
> The part that affects GUP starts more or less here:
> The debate moves around the platform to be used to manage wgo: to CVS
> like until now or to CMS with Drupal (as default candidate). See
> By default developer.g.o would move to live.g.o as agreed, but
> apparently this is not enough for GUP's requirements. In the meantime
> Shaun said that perhaps we need something more "strcutured" than a wiki
> to organise and create stable documentation. Drupal has this capacity
> and even some functionality to export Docbook, but of course it can't
> generate tarballs etc.

Hmm yes, true enough.  Have to admit I'd personally be quite happy to
move away from DocBook (perhaps just to plain old HTML) for the HIG
anyway, as it's kind of hard to take stylistic advice very seriously
from a document that looks a bit crap :)  But of course, we lose the
ability to easily generate PDFs from plain HTML.  (I have similar
reservations about using anything vaguely wiki based for such large
documents-- I've yet to see any done well.)  

> So we should decide what to do with GUP, considering that developer.g.o
> will be closed at some point.

Whatever happened to the whole concept, btw?  That's
conceivably the sort of place where stable versions of the HIG et al.
should live, with (perhaps) development versions taking shape on (ideally with some sort of magic wiki->DocBook
translation happening at the appropriate time...)

> The reorg was done. Now the GUP bugs live in the
> component:

Ok, guess I need to make sure I'm added to the list of maintainers there


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