Re: [Usability] Pathbuttons-Field

Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> Hello!
> With the file dialog issues coming up again and again, I suddenly
> had this idea to combine a textfield with path-buttons:

I like this idea in general, though I don't quite understand why putting
those widgets inside "location prompt". It looks weird and...not so pretty
:) The buttons could just take place (eating it) of location entry. Anyway,
my proposal :

> The file list below it should be filtered for the string as it's 
> entered, or browser style autocompletion could be shown attached 
> below the field.

But what it would make if we were for example in "/usr/bin" - suddenly drop
down menu with 100 fields? And if there was some fixed number (lest assume
7) of allowed entries, than behaviour would be inconsistent - once it would
pop up and next time it wouldn't for no apparent (for unexperienced user)

> Backspace would work like on characters, going one level up here.

That is very much intuitive. I like it a lot.

> The lower version should remind of the / path 
> seperator.

Well AFAIK the whole button widgetery was all about forgetting "/" at all.
And it definitely is less readable in this "mode".

> I would like feedback and suggestions on possible next steps.

Me too :) .


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