[Usability] Bluescreens

One of my HDDs died some days ago, in the middle of a GNOME session.

This, of course, provoked some error in the kernel SCSI driver (or
something), and the computer froze. I could change TTY and tried to
log in at the prompt, but the keyboard didn't work.

I just think it'd be nice if GNOME fired up a "bluescreen" saying
something along the lines of
"Something serious just happened. Please call someone who knows what
they're doing (presumably your vendor or your grandson). Restarting
the computer might help, but don't count on it.

Warning: Technical mumbo-jumbo follows. You might want to make a note
of the most common words in the output below (if a word is repeated
many times) and relay them to the person you're about to call.

<kernel output>"

I just think it's better than freezing up with no indication of what's
wrong - or that there is something wrong at all.

Vidar Braut Haarr
"Programmers don't die, they
just GOSUB without RETURN."

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