[Usability] Panel applet interface

While we're on the subject of the panel and its
applets, I've noticed some discrepancies in their

For most things I've tried adding to the panel, a
click on the icon produces some sort of action: a
window is opened, or something pops down from the
panel, eg volume slider or calendar
A right-click produces a menu that has options
specific to the applet followed by some standard
commands relating to managing the applet's place on
the panel.

I've found two so far that don't do anything when
Sticky Notes needs a double-click to create a new
Modem Monitor appears to do nothing at all when

Another point is the Tomboy applet. (I think this is
fantastic, by the way :) 
This has one menu for a click, and another for
I'm not sure that a single object producing two menus
according to how it's clicked is good usability. What
do you all think?


PS. My emails to various gnome lists go straight to my
junk folder when I receive a copy back. Is this a
problem with what I'm sending?

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