Re: [Usability] A (rather long) list of GNOME usability issues

On 10/14/05, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
> > Raising Windows
> >
> >   no idea
> There is a feature request for this on bugzilla already, and code was
> written [1].

That particular solution doesn't sit well with me since it
intentionally breaks some stuff (which Gregory doesn't care about). 
He brought it up on the EWMH list where Lubos outright rejected it, so
if that solution were implemented I addtionally believe it would only
work for Gnome programs.

> [1]

There are multiple other feature requests for this as well, multiple
marked as duplicates of others, many others still left open...  The
main ones I refer to are:

The first two are kind of open-ended bugs on the matter, while the
latter two (metacity and gtk+ respectively) discuss recent EWMH
proposals and their implementation.  I believe those latter two bugs
are probably the important ones.  The Metacity patch is really simple
for either of the two proposals discussed there.  The gtk+ patch for
_NET_WM_TAKE_ACTIVITY is really easy and provided the basic behavior
requested--but rather hackily.  Owen did not like the hack at all, and
thus _NET_WM_MOUSE_ACTION was born.  Unfortunately, that one was tough
with lots and lots of work needed for it.  Matthias had it on the
gtk+-2.8 schedule for a while, but I just haven't had time to work on
the patch and no one else seems interested.  I'm thinking that a
subset that at leasts handles DND stuff ought to be doable, but again,
I haven't had time to look that far into it.  *shrug*

Hope that helps somehow,

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