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On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, michael chang wrote:

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> > Can I request that GDM support the ctrl-U shortcut to clear fields?
> This wouldn't be the place to request this - double-check bugzilla and
> see if a bug has been filed, and if not, file a new one.
> But that said, where does the shortcut ctrl-u come from?  Is it used
> in any other program?  Would a user expect to use ctrl-u to clear a
> field?

Maybe it was a typo?

There are some emacs keybindings like Ctrl+W (clear word) which some
people expect to find in a Text Entry (doesn't seem to work in my old copy
of GDM).  Don't know about Ctrl+U, emacs seems to use it for Undo.

I expect the ordinary user will use backspace (and the experienced user
will type more accurately but having said that I regularly mistype and
instead hit return to cycle through the username/passowrd as fast as I can
until I get it right). I can see why you might suggest GDM support the
Ctrl+W keybinding if it is something you are used to from elsewhere in
Gnome but as Michael suggested putting a request in bugzilla against GDM
would be the best way to go about it.


Alan Horkan

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