Re: [Usability] gnome-terminal shortcuts

--- Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie> wrote:
> > > It still violates the HIG though.
> >
> > Hmm....  I've always seen the HIG as something
> designed to make user
> > interfaces more intuitive.  So, I find your claims
> about a tool
> > designed almost completely for efficiency and
> power over intuitiveness
> To borrow a phrase the terminal needs usability work
> "like a fish needs a
> bicycle"
> Honestly though efficiency is just as much a part of
> usability.
> Usability is making sure we provide the right tool
> to the right audience.
> Normally that means providing an easy to learn tool
> beginners can pick up
> easily but more advanced users are comfortable with
> but there is room to
> improve the usability of the terminal too. 
> (Although as "Desktop"
> enviroment I'd consider the command line the last
> priority and be far more
> interested in applications with full blown Graphical
> User Interfaces.
> Also I long ago gave up on any terminal besides
> Xterm, because speed and
> stability was non-negotiable.)
> > (which is how I view the command line), stating
> that it doesn't follow
> > guidelines on being intuitive, quite humorous. 
> The claim is
> > absolutely true and there's definitely nothing
> wrong with it, I guess
> > I'm just easily amused.  :-)
> I'd like to try and make the command line more
> consistent and HIG
> compliant but for me it is essential to be able to
> cancel things using
> Ctrl+C.

I've come to the GNOME terminal after using the
terminal on OS X.
Despite the mac's history of being command-line
averse, the OS X terminal integrates well into the
rest of the system. 
For example, I can:
- use the 'open' command to launch an app or document
as if I double-clicked it
- drag icons from the file manager to command line
- copy and paste to and from other apps

On gnome, these actions are not as easy, and not
always possible.

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