Re: [Usability] Issues and suggestions about files preview

On 12/23/05, Vidar Braut Haarr <vhaarr+usability gmail com> wrote:
> On 12/22/05, Jie Zhang <jzhang918 gmail com> wrote:
> > I never enable "Text Files" preview. It's useless since you cannot
> > easily figure out what this file is from the few characters shown in
> > the preview icon.
> I can.
I admire you so much. It very very hard for me to distinguish text
files from the few characters in their previews.

> > [...] I also found it's
> > almost useless for pdfs. It's very hard to identify what the pdf is
> > from the small first page on the icon.
> I disagree.
> Try books; they all have vastly different front images.
Most of the pdf files in my computer are gnu manuals, processor
references, and papers. They looks very alike from the thumbnails.
Only a few pdf presentation slides, which can be easily identified
from their thumbnails. Further more, I like to put some often used
pdfs on my desktop, there are also some doc, txt, ps on it. When
"Other Previewable Files" enabled, the desktop looks ugly, since only
pdfs have thumbnails and much large than other icons. They are not
aligned nicely.

I would say preview is not completely useless for pdf, but is much
much more useful for pictures. So I would like to enable preview only
for pictures.


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