Re: [Usability] I just want say: thanks

On 12/20/05, dino <dino ankaria de> wrote:
> He expresses himself in a way that isn't the right (e.g. "interface nazis").

You blame Linus for bashing GNOME developers...

> oh,.. and:
> Please, just protect people from using KDE! ;)

...and immediately do the same for KDE developers.

Not a good way to promote something you like.

Please, there is no reason to put anyone down, so please PLEASE let
the KDE people have their design, let GNOME people have theirs, work
for interoperability (instead of my-way-is-the-right-way) and remember
that everybody working on these projects has the same amount of
coolness, it's just the packaging that changes.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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