Re: [Usability] Shortcut keys for EOG

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 01:32 +0100, Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> 1. Should we add the arrow keys as shortcuts for prev/next image if the 
> image is fully visible?
> 2. What to do with page up / down
>     a) As currently. Only do scrolling of a image
>     b) Only do prev/next image
>     c) prev/next image when whole image visible otherwise scroll

In F-Spot (0.1.5) we now do what you've mentioned in #1.  I think it
feels right - but I'm biased as it was my suggestion.

Also in F-Spot, page up/down always jump to the previous/next images
(choice b).

I think it makes sense to not involve these in the scrolling within an
image, mostly since they only provide half the inputs needed (there is
no page left, page right) and it's very easy to think of them always
meaning previous/next image.

Doing this also provides a way for the user to go to the previous (and
next, though space does that too, in f-spot at least) image using the
keyboard even when zoomed, which otherwise they would not be able to do.
In the event that users expected the page up/down keys to pan, they'll
quickly learn they don't and their next guess will be right.

Gabriel Burt

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