Re: [Usability] Shortcut keys for EOG

My problem is that test doesn't ask them how they might (pan) move around
a large image, how they might move up and down the page.  When you ask
that question it then becomes very odd to have Page Up and Page Down not
doing exactly what they claim they do.

I asked them how to pan in the image. Both used the arrows and were surprised when I told them they could also use page up / page down.

Proposed new behaviour
So the main thing my patch does is when the complete image is visible it
binds the arrow keys to previous and next slide.

I still cannot figure out if it makes sense to allow you to take Page Up
and Page Down for something else when the image has been zoomed to fit the
whole screen.

Page Up/Down are not the really relevant keys I think. The more relevant keys are the arrow keys, because most people tend to use these.

Furthermore in the fullscreen mode the arrow keys already move to the next image.

So basically it boils down to two questions.

1. Should we add the arrow keys as shortcuts for prev/next image if the image is fully visible?
2. What to do with page up / down
   a) As currently. Only do scrolling of a image
   b) Only do prev/next image
   c) prev/next image when whole image visible otherwise scroll


BTW Did you try the patch to feel how it works?

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