[Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 December 2005 01:33, Till Kamppeter wrote:
>>Frederic told that the options from the PPD file are intentionally mot
>>listed in the printing dialog, the usability team of GNOME was against
>>listing these options. They clutter the dialog and can be more confusing
>>than useful to the user.
> This is not a wise decision.
> Because it means there is no usability at all for many features: you
> can not *use* them, they are not there at all, they are forbidden to
> the user by some higher usability being.
> Usubility for a given feature starts to become debate-able only where 
> the feature is already present, where something can be done *at all*.
> Before, there is the land of un-usability.
> What type of printers do you think users in many enterprise environ-
> ments are used to? It is the 60 pages per minute model, that can do
> duplex and stapling and punching and cover-sheets-on-cardbox-paper
> and watermark and foo and bar and morestuff... 
> I was one of the guys who pushed for adding all features (which the
> underlying CUPS provided) into the user interface of KDEPrint.
> And I know for a fact that KDE's power in printing matters (given to
> it by CUPS) was the one feature that determined a pro-KDE decision
> in Linux desktop rollouts in Europe. 
> I also know that the printing dialog of KDE can be improved a *lot*
> from where it is now. However, this is much more difficult than
> just removing most features and declare their un-usability to be
> the new religion of usability.
> We'll work on that for KDE 4, but without removing any feature (we
> will rather be adding some more, because the wonderful CUPS 1.2
> gives them to us for free).

Kurt, you did great work, but now please do the same thing with
Thunderbird, Firefox, and GNOME (all at once or in given order).


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