Re: [Usability] Printing dialog and GNOME

Le mardi 13 décembre 2005 à 02:33 +0100, Till Kamppeter a écrit :

> Frederic told that the options from the PPD file are intentionally mot
> listed in the printing dialog, the usability team of GNOME was against
> listing these options. They clutter the dialog and can be more confusing
> than useful to the user.

I'm just going to correct some things Till wrote that I would have said.
It seems either I didn't explained correctly, or Till misunderstood my
explanations (or probably a little of both) on what was the current
state of printing on GNOME and why full PPD options were not in GNOME
yet and why they probably would not go in it by just a snap of a finger
but only after careful interface reviewing. Thus the original message
was sent by Till on GNOME usability mailing list, to try to discuss how
to improve GNOME printing UI.

Thanks to Jeff, Alex and others, the real reasons on why GNOME printing
UI is currently lacking full PPD support have been exposed.

I'm still a little sad to see that a attempt to try to improve printing
support in GNOME and in Firefox/Thunderbird (so, for Desktop on Linux in
general) has been transformed into a gigantic flamewar for absolutely no
good reason, except exhausting electrons for carrying those emails ;)

Hopefully, things will be rolling in the good direction in the future,
with the Printing summit and each project initiatives.

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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