[Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

Your entire usability study reads as one big rant / troll. This will
likely not receive the feedback you intended.

well, I don't know but...well, sorry. That's my "bad english"... I didn't mean to be troll but I just read this thread and got the feeling that I need to write about my gnome experiences. best gnome came with redhat 9 and since then it's got awfully lot of problems. I use LFS linux today and I think that gnome is just bad. Thought it's got it's good sides too. It's got some what better programs than kde ones. for example thought kde ones have more features these gnome programs like bluefish, anjuta and gimp really are better than kde ones quanta, kdevelop and krita.

> Next thing I don't like in Gnome is that it's got some very weird model of
> acting in different situations. Nautilus is real nazi program since if you

For example, avoid words like 'nazi'.

I apologize for calling it that. But nautilus is worst program in gnome. It's like explorer prosess is in windows. crashes often and it's got configuration problems. You cannot deny that simple fact. I remember that when I was organizing my hard drive and I found another suprising "feature" of nautilus. I had two folders with same name. Well in windows and kde when I replace folder1 with folder2, folder1 content will be transfered to folder2 and folder1 will be deleted. well let's see what happened with nautilus. Folder1 replaced the folder2 entirely. Folder2 became actually folder1 without folder2 content. And it ruined my data. That was my last time using nautilus for that kind of stuff.

Oh, I hope somebody will do something to at least that.

I have also used Nautilus for ftp managerment. I used it to remove my files on my ftp space. It was also last time I used it in this kind of situation. well it removed my files in remote ftp, but where the heck did it just remove them? I didn't see that any free space was freeed exept that files did got removed from that folder. Yeah, I know I shouldn't have used nautilus to do such task, that's what ftp programs are for. But since Konqueror does it perfectly fine well then why Nautilus doesn't?

And what's this new thing with nautilus. You cannot write filesystem address anymore and thise stypid filesystem bookmarks have made into nautilus too.

To be honest. Why usability project was formed for gnome? I don't know, but I guess it was for unifying the gui design and making it harder to use. Time will tell us later what happened, but I think that gnome has been transforming away from that nice desktop I liked.

Yeah, now I thought about it. I'll try not to interfere anymore since I think that my messages will just be trash... I am just angry for nautilus and gnome gui design. And it won't help anyone to fix the stuff.

I have my own opinions about things and spreading them here is just stypid. So sorry for once more. I hope that at least somebody will understand me.


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