Re: [Usability] The new shrinked/expanded save as dialog

On Sun, 2005-12-04 at 12:10 +0200, Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> 2005/12/4, Jason Hoover <jasonhoover verizon net>:
> > Even curiouser, it looks like you can actually do something to the files
> > (normal color). "Browse for folders" seems a little silly when there's
> > files too. But, I'm nitpicking.
> Sometimes you do want to select a file to be overwritten so it's only
> natural to allow that ;)

<Misc off-topic complaints>
True, though there could be an option for it like "Show Hidden Files"
except "Hide Files" off by default. It's hard to find
later-alphabet-named folders when you have too much stuff in one
directory. Though it's just a superfluous suggestion.

It's also kind of annoying that I have to select "Show hidden files"
every time. It seems like something that it should save, like a

Looking at a few of the other replies, one option is:

1) Put the "browse" expander above the "Save To Folder" list.
1.1) When expanded, replace the save folder list with the full browser.
2) Save state information so people can have a consistent experience.

Of course it could just be removed, letting the power of the standard
browse method do all the work. To use a bad tool metaphor, the drop down
list can be like using a tack hammer on a barn nail.

IMHO it'd be best to remove it for the sake of a consistency. Showing
the other files and folders makes it easier to know you're saving it to
the right folder too. It also seems to be the consensus of the list as

If that's the case, should some file a bug report when the conversation
starts to wind down and there's no objections?


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