Re: [Usability] Proposal to solve some drawbacks to the current spatial implementation

I think that this point does not apply in the proposed solution. This is
a recent items widget, not bookmarks. It will always be changing, based
on the recently visited things. If I click a 'Recent Folders' widget, I
would certainly expect my most recently 'touched' folders to appear
there, based on my recollection, which is definitely time based, not
location based.

This is a similar issue to the back button in a web browser. Perhaps
this paper would be useful for this discussion:


On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 09:00, john erling blad aftenposten no wrote:
> >>Maurizio Colucci wrote:
> >> I am proposing the following change, which solves both problems in
> one shot:
> >> 
> >> In the gnome panel, add a global dropdown button called "recent 
> >> folders". when clicked, it simply pops up a menu with the most
> recently 
> >> visited locations, SORTED BY LAST VISITING TIME. It is GLOBAL
> it 
> >> contains locations visited from ANY nautilus window; it is not
> relative 
> >> to one window. If you select a folder from the menu, a nautilus
> window 
> >> relative to that directory is opened (or brought on top if already
> opened).
> >Dave Ahlswede wrote:
> >This sounds interesting-- I would counter-propose that, instead of
> >possibly in addition to) a panel applet, that this be merged with the
> >FileChooser bookmarks and put in the Nautilus Places menu. (I think
> >merging the FileChooser bookmarks and Nautilus places has actually
> >discussed in the past, but I don't recall if anyone has written any
> code
> >for it)
> Folders reordering within the list all the time isn't working very.
> time they reorder you would have to visually scan the list for the
> item. It isn't very hard to make rules that try to keep the most
> recently / most frequently used items in fixed, sorted locations until
> they fade out of use. I believe this is what at least one other rather
> small software company does.
> John

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