[Usability] What i think about Nautilus .....


I'm new at this malling list but i want, very much, to help with my experience.

I use Linux as Desktop for about 1 year and as Server for almos 4 years. I work with Windows and i'm a programmer in M$.NET. At home I only have Linux with Gnome as Desktop.

The first time I installed Linux i used KDE, and liked, but because i want more i've tryed Gnome, and like very much, but Gnome is not User-Frendly and the KDE, and I will start with the most used application in my home - Nautilus.

This application should be used to find more easily the files that we want to edit, but not. In points:

1º We don't have a Tree that we can see the folders hieratically, for the End-User can browse the directory

2º When i use the "My Computer" or any of the Device icons in my desktop i get a Nautilus window that open a new window in every Folder insted of opennig in the same window and there is no configurarion of this behaviour.

3º When I have Nautilus shwoing the files in "List View" when i try to rename one file and make CTRL+C to copy the file name and after try to past in another name file, the Nautilus try to Copy the File. When i have the Nautilus in "Icon View" when we can copy the file name and paste to another file.

4º Why we don't have any more ways to see the files .. like "List View" - that we see onlie the files listed or "Detail View" - the actually "List View"

For now this is the big problems that i can find in Nautilus .... if this is well accepted i will point more problems, that i think, in gnome.

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal

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