Re: [Usability] suggestion for icon customize dialog

Dnia 03-10-2004, nie o godzinie 17:44 +0200, piotr smyrak heron pl
> This idea happened to me when using a fresh install of Gnome 2.8. 
> Please have a look at this screenshot: 
> When one wants to change an icon, one usually would like to assign 
> his favorite, out-of-stock icon, that one most probably stores in 
> his private dir like ~/.icons or any other subfolder in the $HOME. 
> But one wants to change the default icon, has to browse through the 
> filesystem to one's $HOME. 
> So my proposition is that the dialog presents instead/below the 
> system pixmap dir in the drop down list the user's home dir or/and 
> ~/.icons 
> I am looking forward to hear your opinions.

Honestly, pretty much everyone agrees that current icon selector is
rather horror UI, and would like to replace it. It's cumbersome,
confusing, and totally disobeys themes. If one wants to provide out-of-
theme icon, simply dragging it would be the best idea (or choose it from
FileChooser provided in UI, for your a11y & discoverability needs). But
primary UI should be only concerned with themed icons, since that's what
you want in vast majority of cases


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