Re: [Usability] HIG


I would think that it only makes sense to translate the released version (i.e. 1.0). It would certainly be cool to have some translations :)

Perhaps this would be a good point to raise the possibility of time based HIG releases for discussion (i think this may have been discussed before, but no conclusion reached).

Personally, i think a yearly release of the HIG would be great - long enough to give stability and short enough to allow rolling additions to be made. I suppose the major thing preventing this (and any new release of the HIG at all) is the resources of the HIG people (Calum, Seth, etc).

Anyway, do others have an opinion, and is there any way we can try to reduce the workload on the current HIG maintainers?



Dan Korostelev wrote:

I want to make a Russian translation for GNOME HIG. But I don't know
what to choose, 1.0 or Draft. What's recommended for future developers?
When there will be a new version of HIG? How often draft is changed?

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