[Usability] Usability and workplace injuries

As many people here are probably aware, the mouse is the most dangerous
piece of equipment for the average IT worker - prolonged *continuous*
use can easily damage a person so that they spend 12 months in
rehabilitation, and in the worse case have to change career completely.

The mouse isn't the only danger, it's just the worst one.  (Trackballs,
joystick mice, etc, all fall into the same category.)

Some UI techniques actually increase the risk of injury, by allowing
or encouraging even longer use of the mouse.  Drag and drop is a prime
example.  (In contrast, the ability to click to pull up a list, type a
letter-or-three to navigate to the required item(s), and arrow keys and
finally Enter to accept a choice are healthier choices.)

Is this topic one for consideration?  Are there people on the list who
have experience in RSI etc., and design techniques that allow healthy
use?  E.g. that things that shift usage more onto the keyboard (like
keyboard shortcuts).


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