Re: [Usability] Dynamic Workspaces

Hey Daniel,

I've been a little annoyed with preconfiguring the number of workspaces
I might use as well, but...

> * Suggested solution - Dynamic Workspaces:
> The idea is fairly simple, there is always an empty workspace at the end
> of the list of workspaces. We can think of this workspace as a special
> empty workspace. When a window is created in the special workspace a new
> workspace is added at the end to be the new special workspace.
> Also workspace is automatically closed when a user closes all the
> windows in a workspace and leaves the workspace.

...if a workspace is automatically closed each time, I close the last
window, this leads to a lot of shuffeling, and it's even harder to
memorize, which application is on which desktop. I'll think about it
again, and see, if there's another solution to closing empty
workspaces... maybe not, but still.


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