Re: [Usability] Automagic cleanup of home folder

At 06:03 AM 1/26/2004, Maarten Menheere wrote:


I agree but sometimes this just doesn't work. I've told my parents to
clean up their stuff loads of times (hmm this sounds weird :) ). And you
haven't seen my desk, I'm still looking for that autodesk cleaning
robot. If you are able to make things easier than you should IMHO.

Lotus Notes does something similar to what you're suggesting. Documents expire from Notes, although the expiration is a simple one: all documents expire, no matter how often you use (edit, open, etc) them. You can save documents, but you have to move them off of the Notes server and save them elsewhere (an external file, a local Notes database, etc).

Personally, this is one of my biggest gripes about Notes. I've lost documents to the expiration that I needed later. Yeah, it warned me, but its warning isn't optimal. (It warns you on start-up, and 30 days in advance. This is lovely, except that I always leave Notes open. So if I can't handle it when it comes up, it's forgotten.)


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