[Usability] RE: UI-Review - Monday Jan 19th!

Well done, Bryan. This seems to be going well. Can you describe the changes
that are being made so far? Are they general usability changes or simple HIG
compliance, or both?

People, remember that you have only until February 9th before the Hard UI
code freeze:

So you should try to get changes discussed and in actual patches as soon as
possible. Remember that it can take a week or so for a patch to be applied,
if you are lucky, and it is already January 20th. By my calculations, that
gives you approximately 10 days of useful ui-review time left.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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> Subject: UI-Review - Monday Jan 19th!
> Hey ~
> This Monday, Jan. 19th we'll be kicking it *one more time* 
> irc.gnome.org in the #ui-review channel.  
> The UI-Review phase of this GNOME release is going really 
> well, we've looked at the file-roller, gnome-applets, yelp, 
> and control-center modules already.  Plus we've had a few 
> others in there like gedit get some love.
> Our goal this release has been to review the modules that 
> haven't been reviewed in a while, and we're well on our way 
> to making it there.  
> And now for something completely different:
> Who should come?
> * Everyone should come.  Especially people 
> interested/involved in the "Less Recently Reviewed Modules" [1] list. 
> When is this happening?
> * The official session will be from 09:00 EST [2] until 21:00 EST
> I can't be there the entire time, should I still come?
> * Anyone with an hour or 1/2 hour to spare should participate.
> Do I need to be a Kung Fu Master of usability like Seth or Calum?
> * No.  But Grasshopper, if you would like to study their ways 
> you can help out just by running GNOME applications and 
> asking lots of questions.  This is a great way to get 
> involved in the GNOME community, even if you've never done a 
> ui-review before.  You can learn how a ui- review is done so 
> you can be the usability master next time. :-)
> Who all is going to be there?
> * Of course the usual UI suspects will be there. Murry 
> Cumming?  I doubt if he'll show up on time ;-)  The long lost 
> Gnils?  I think he's still
> lost...   Those cuddly and cute nautilus guys should be there in the
> morning.  And I believe we'll see the Epiphany folks show up 
> sometime for a look at the toolbar editor.  Last but not 
> least, the eager gedit hackers are coming back for a little 
> more.  I expect we'll see lots of others as well.
> A little recognition for changing the world one ui-review at a time:
> Lars Weber
> Dennis Cranston
> Eli Dow
> Calum Benson
> Seth Nickell
> Murray Cumming
> And others I'm sorry I forgot...
> Thanks of course goes to the maintainers for showing up and 
> working with us.  To those maintainers I say, 'Pants Off'
> See you there,
> ~ Bryan
> [1] http://www.gnome.org/start/2.5/ui-review/
> [2] http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?
> day=19&month=1&year=2004&hour=9&min=0&sec=0&p1=179
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