[Usability] UI-Review - Monday Jan 19th!

Hey ~

This Monday, Jan. 19th we'll be kicking it *one more time* irc.gnome.org
in the #ui-review channel.  

The UI-Review phase of this GNOME release is going really well, we've
looked at the file-roller, gnome-applets, yelp, and control-center
modules already.  Plus we've had a few others in there like gedit get
some love.

Our goal this release has been to review the modules that haven't been
reviewed in a while, and we're well on our way to making it there.  

And now for something completely different:

Who should come?
* Everyone should come.  Especially people interested/involved in the
"Less Recently Reviewed Modules" [1] list. 

When is this happening?
* The official session will be from 09:00 EST [2] until 21:00 EST

I can't be there the entire time, should I still come?
* Anyone with an hour or 1/2 hour to spare should participate.

Do I need to be a Kung Fu Master of usability like Seth or Calum?
* No.  But Grasshopper, if you would like to study their ways you can
help out just by running GNOME applications and asking lots of
questions.  This is a great way to get involved in the GNOME community,
even if you've never done a ui-review before.  You can learn how a ui-
review is done so you can be the usability master next time. :-)

Who all is going to be there?
* Of course the usual UI suspects will be there. Murry Cumming?  I doubt
if he'll show up on time ;-)  The long lost Gnils?  I think he's still
lost...   Those cuddly and cute nautilus guys should be there in the
morning.  And I believe we'll see the Epiphany folks show up sometime
for a look at the toolbar editor.  Last but not least, the eager gedit
hackers are coming back for a little more.  I expect we'll see lots of
others as well.

A little recognition for changing the world one ui-review at a time:

Lars Weber
Dennis Cranston
Eli Dow
Calum Benson
Seth Nickell
Murray Cumming
And others I'm sorry I forgot...

Thanks of course goes to the maintainers for showing up and working with
us.  To those maintainers I say, 'Pants Off'

See you there,
~ Bryan

[1] http://www.gnome.org/start/2.5/ui-review/
[2] http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?

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