[Usability] Re: Suggestion for the actual UI of GTK+'s New FileSelector

>They don't resemble standard buttons, afterall.

Additional work (like highlighting a border when onmouseovering to them) can
be done to them to show that these are buttons.

>Second, this view doesn't leave much room to put user-specified favorite

Sure it does. It is the same as in the original or Erick's mockups. You just
drag something there and the system places it alphabetically  (or not) to
the list. If there are too many, a scrollbar will be shown, and the user can
always resize that view. Fundamendally, the shortcut view is the exact same
and has the same features as the vertical one. Maybe it is just not as
apparent in my mockup as I filled up the currently viewable area with

>I really like the button navigation scheme used to quickly jump to paths.

Indeed this is a must-have... :)

>The part I have trouble getting used to is the aspect ratio of the window.

You are not alone. :D
However, I believe that it is mostly a "getting used to" thing because
currently users have experience with 4:3 file selectors on other OSes.


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