Re: [Usability] Console with toolbar

Divendres 02 Abril 2004 18:50, en/na Tommi Komulainen (<Tommi Komulainen 
<tommi komulainen iki fi>>) va escriure:
> On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 21:09, Xan wrote:
> > I have a problem: the creation of tab console is not enough faster.
> > I explain it:
> >
> > For create gnome-terminal tab we have two options: a) Go to
> > Menu-->File->New Tab-->[wait a second for show list]-->choose "Default"
> > (for example). A tedious way. Or b) use shortcurts. But this way implies
> > that we have to memorize the shortcut. The memory (of humans and others
> > things) is limited. So many people won't memorize it (because we have to
> > memorize shortcut for console, gedit, ....).
> I prefer option c) right-click --> New Tab

Yes. It's a good option. A little more slower than the previous propose. But 
_more_ faster than the others. Anyway, I think that there were a usefull 
thing to have a toolbar in gnome-terminal: not only for creating (more 
faster) a new tab. Also for to have in toolbar the things that anyone use to 
use. For example, someone could have in toolbar an icon for new tab, a 
preferences icon, and exit icon. Another codification icon and ... . So in 
toolbar anyone has its usual things.

> (assuming it hasn't been removed, still using 2.4)
(yes, I use 2.4)

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