Re: [Usability] An idea for Nautilus new OO-based UI

Ok, so no one really liked the idea. Still, i'd like to point out some things...

Drag and drop can be made easily. One idea would be to simply drag it to the tab, like
someone else mentioned. Another idea would be to give the tabs the ability to "pop out"
of the main window. That could be done with an icon on the tab, or maybe with a shortcut
such as CTRL+Click.

I didn't know that less resource consumption is a goal of spatial design, sorry for my
ignorance. But one thing i see from experience: opening one single Nautilus window, right
now, is a extremely slow process. To make this OO design usable, Nautilus will need
*lots* of tweaking, till it gets real fast.

> What is 'too many' and why is it nowadays more common then it used to be?

Because nowadays we have much larger HD's than they used to be, and nowadays will deal
with much more files than we used to (i'm not talking about recent past).

> Why do you assume all those subdirectories need to be opened?

Yes, you could automatically close the "old" window, when opening a new one. But the tabs
would give you a middle term: you could have all those windows opened, yet your desktop
would be organized (without lots of opened windows) and cosuming few resources.

I really didn't know tabs were that BAD...

Thanks for the comments anyway,

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