Re: [Usability] Rational for icons in button

> This is only half a step in the right direction, it removes the problem
> of keeping two icon sets consistent, but it doesn't fix the real
> problems.
> Making complete and consistent icon sets is very hard work[1], and with
> some of the icons in gtk/gnome today it is in fact impossible to make a
> "correct" set that makes sense in any locale. Too many of the metaphors
> in use rely on an understanding of American expressions and culture
> (such as a green light to indicate approval, or red to indicate error or
> dismissal - I think red is associated with luck in China(?)). 

Well, to solve this problem, we should implement localized icons:
different icons for each locale in each icon theme. In pratice though, I
think that would be too much work AND that would be a bad idea as icons,
by definitions, are expected to be explicit to anyone, and, thus,
shouldn't be localized.

> While it may have been pure coincidence that caused gnome to use icons
> in buttons initially, I don't think it's a coincidence that no other
> desktops use them.

If we really can't find universal icons for most actions (at least
cancel, close and validate type of icons), you're right that it could be
better to remove them.

> Relying on theme designers to either only design themes that doesn't
> clash with random icons from existing icon themes or to design suitable
> icons to go with their themes, just isn't a good idea.

Well, when it comes to icon designing, I think (icon) theme designers
are the ones to rely on (who else ?). But I'm not sure I understand you

> [1] None of the desktops I've seen the last 15-20 years ever implemented
> more than a couple of complete icon sets.
Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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