[Usability] rubberbanding in gtktreeview

Hi all,

i'd like to ask about the general opinion on rubberbanding in
gtktreeviews. I think it's a really important issue and most likely
should be a part of the HiG. The current selection schemes in gtk/gnome
apps are a mess. Icon view in nautilus is the only place which allows
RB. Gtktreeview doesn't allow RB currently.
So if the user switches to listview he has to realise that rubberbanding
isn't available anymore. In one and the same app.
The way selections are done differs from app to app, in one app it's
possible to select multiple rows by dragging while in others it's only
possible to add a row at a time by shift-clicking on it. A bug in gtk
bugzilla has already been filed but RB is considered as low priority
feature. IMO it's more than high priority. The reason it's important is
that the user should only learn *one* way how to select objects and
apply that all over the place. It would greatly simplify the learning
process for new users.
Moreover RB is the most efficient way for doing multiple selections.
Any chance it would be included in HiG?


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