Re: [Usability]Keeping the Quit menu item

Joshua Adam Ginsberg wrote:

Wait, wait, wait... have I been living in a cave? We're *abandoning* the
idea of having Quit in the menu?!

I've read MPT's article before. I like most of his points. Crufty
interfaces abide. But I don't exactly see how quit falls into that
category. What happens when you close all windows of Galeon? Does it
"quit"? Does it stay persistent in memory?
Who cares what is in memory, in fact what is memory? Most regular everyday users don't care about this stuff. They deal with windows that are opened and closed. The fact that when all galeon windows are closed galeon is removed from memory is an implementation detail.

Are we moving to a "Close All
Windows" scheme?  What if you're in the GIMP? Does "Close All Windows"
close the toolbox?

Close all windows is worst than quit. Since the operation doesn't do what it claims to do, instead it closes a subset of windows that happen to belong to a certain application.

I read the thread posted in Jeffrey's bug. I still am not really clear
why we're doing this. It seems to break a lot of user expectations.

Only if you have a firm grasp of unix processes.


ps. I have to give internet explorer some props here, it was one of the first applications to remove quit :)

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